Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finding the Courage to Blog.

Hello, my name is Holly and I am an online socialite. I love social networking and I enjoy the time I spend with my online friends. I post many things online in the form of short, sweet status updates and tweets. Previously, I had not considered blogging about our daily life and the struggles we, as a family face, through our collective myriad of medical intricacies. Until now, that is.

I have just spent the last 7 days pouring over, crying about and wading through a heart wrenching Blog, written by the most amazing Mom ever. The story is absolutely tragic and only recommended if you have a full box of tissue on hand. It is not meant to entertain, only to inform and serve as a bittersweet record of a young boy who's life was taken much too suddenly. Her words describe, in painstaking detail, the Love surrounding her and her family and friends in the midst of a crisis no person should ever, ever have to experience. It is a story of Love.

This author has shown strength beyond average human capacity and, unbeknownst to her, has given me the courage to brave the world of Personal Blogs. Thank you Sarah for sharing the most courageous,(in the words of Sarah Jones, herself...) "amazing, excruciating, painful, relieving" last few hours of your Son's life with us. We shall be changed for the better, evermore.

Please take a moment for Conner and his family; Mom~Sarah, Dad~Brad and two wee Brothers, Hunter and Bradyn.

Breathe easy little Connerman and know you have had a profound effect on lives of many. You are so loved.

Sarah's Blog can be found here,